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Do you only do daytime sessions?
No. Because of the benefits of virtual sessions and because I understand that making time can be a big challenge for some, there is a lot of flexibility in booking. Sessions can be as early as 9am, or as late as 8pm.
Are your sessions in person?
No. They are conducted via secure video through OWL, or phone call.
Is there a big difference between virtual therapy and in-person?
It depends on the person! I find that as a therapist, my approach and composure will be very similar both in person and virtual. Through video, you will be able to see my non-verbal cues, such as hand motions, facial expressions, and activity engagement (ex. Drawing from activity). I am open to feedback and requests of making the space safe and comfortable for the client during sessions.
How do I do a session virtually if there are others within the house?
This can be the biggest obstacle with virtual therapy, but here are some tips and tricks I have gathered to possible overcome this issue:
  • Putting a white noise device or music (ex. Phone) near the door entrance
  • Doing the session in a quiet place, ex. washroom, or parked vehicle
  • Booking sessions when others are not present
  • Typing messages that you don’t feel comfortable saying out loud
What can I expect in the first session?
Generally, the first session is an opportunity for me to get to know you, and for you to see if I am a good fit for you. During this session, we explore what has brought you to sessions, we establish some of your goals, as well as discuss how the course of sessions will look, such as what frameworks may benefit during sessions.
Are sessions structured or unstructured?
This is dependent on the client. Some individuals find a very structured therapy setting to be helpful (ex. Giving homework), while others find a more relaxed setting helpful. Depending on what will benefit you best, we will set the tone of the session.
Do you direct bill?
No. You are given an invoice which you can then submit to your insurance company.
If your question was not answered above, please feel free to contact!
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